Kindermusik Now has More to Offer for Summer Fun!

Katherine Knight of Kindermusik of Richmond makes singing, dancing, and playing more fun than ever — and especially this summer. As moms and grandmoms make plans for the summer months, don’t forget to think about activities that educate while they entertain and engage kids.

Katherine’s Passion is Teaching Kids

That’s exactly what Katherine has in mind as she creates one-of-a-kind musical experiences for kids this summer and all year long. Her passion for music and teaching children about the importance of music in daily life is contagious. After talking with her about her business, it was clear that it is not a business at all – it is a lifelong passion to help parents and children realize how easy it is to use music in daily life – not just in a class! And it’s a way to teach them self-confidence, problem-solving, creativity and more.

Katherine succinctly describes it this way:

“The musical world is amazing – it touches the soul like nothing else. And I just want to share that with as many families as I can”.

Kindermusik has a full range of summer activities for kids of all ages. Check out some of their offerings:

  1. Summer classes/camps! Weekly classes run for 5 weeks, beginning July 12th through August 9th. There are great themes, including Peek-a-boo, I Love You for the youngest Mozarts, and Zoo Train for the toddlers.  There is even a FAMILY TIME class that is great for anyone wanting to enroll more than 1 child — OR, if you want to take class with a good friend, but your children are different ages. It is 0-7 years.  These weekly classes are a great way to add structure to your summer, enjoy some fantastic fun OUT of the heat of summer, and keep your child developing and learning ALL months of the year.  Space is limited, and the classes ALWAYS fill up, so snag your spot as soon as possible! Another great thing about these classes is that they also engage children in counting, spelling and other activities that keep their minds alert and learning all summer.
  2. Preschool drop-off camp is available too! 9-12:30 daily, July 5-8 and Aug. 15-19. (see details on website)
  3. Discounts are always offered for a sibling or multiple class discount of 10% on the second child/class. Children do not have to be in the same class, just in the same session (like summer session). There are sometimes special deals announced for Facebook and Twitter fans. Be sure and join Facebook for plenty of information and great deals.
  4. Upcoming fun things to look out for. NEW class offering called “Playdate” – this is a pay-to-enroll class that meets just one time, so there is no long-term commitment, but is still all the fun and benefits of a Kindermusik class, including a take-home CD or instrument! Be on the lookout for these to be added each month – they’ll also be announced on Facebook and Twitter so “like” Kindermusik! Also, a fun mini-class called “Drum Circle” – all about drumming, which is a favorite among kids! Details coming soon! Visit the website and sign up for the Kindermusik newsletter and updates to be notified as soon as these classes are available.
  5. Sing-N-Playgroup: This is an added benefit when you are enrolled in class because you get to attend the monthly Sing-n-Playgroup for free! It is an open play experience combined with a few teacher-led activities. ** May is the last month this will be open to the public  for $3/family; soon, it will be exclusively for the enrolled students so be sure and check out the website details **

Birthday parties

Summer birthdays can be boring but Kindermusik has that covered too. Parties are fun, exciting, energetic, and even educational! It’s a great way to get the kids moving and playing.  These are truly DIFFERENT than other parties, and you can customize your theme! “On the Move”, “The Royal Party”,  “A Trip to the Zoo”, “Mickey Mouse”, “Sesame Street”, “Moovin’ and Groovin'”, “Splash”, and “American Idol” are just some of the theme ideas. Let your child come up with his or her own theme too.

As many Richmond parents have learned, these parties are memorable, fun and they take the work off of the parents:

“There was never a minute of boredom!”

“The best kids party we’ve ever had!”

“Perfect pace for kids of all ages!”

“Katherine does all of the work!”

Learning Skills

Music is more than just singing too. At Kindermusik, Katherine makes sure kids use and strengthen their creativity, problem-solving, listening skills, vision and focus, language and literacy, hand-eye coordination, emotional and social skills, balance and coordination and more. But kids are just having fun and don’t realize they’re learning!

From birth to age 7, choose Kindermusik for a one-of-a-kind experience.

New Website Address

And now, it’s even easier to find them with their new website located at

Still not convinced, visit the website and watch this video and you’ll be a believer! And now, you can click here and get a FREE preview class to see what it’s all about. There’s nothing like experiencing it first-hand.

Get moving this summer and enroll your kids in Kindermusik where Katherine will turn music into an extraordinary adventure!