Trick-or-Tweening? A Tween Halloween Interview.

So, I recently asked my twelve-year-old daughter, whether or not she planned on going trick-or-treating this Halloween?

She looked up at me from the computer she was using to IM her friends and said in a tone that only a ‘tween’ can ……drawing out a one-syllable answer into  at least a three-syllable one.  “Yea-aa-uh.”

Then, for good measure she gave me the deathly eye-roll, to signify her total disgust with me for asking such a dumb question…  “Okay then.”  I say sweetly, biting my tongue, and trying to remember what I must have been like as an adolescent.

As a parent of four, I have learned to pick my battles.  “Well. okay.  I’m trying to write an article on tweens and Halloween, so can I ask you a couple of questions please?”  I bravely inquired.

“Now?”  She whined.

“Um hmm.”  I say.  “Okay, what do you need to know?” she acquiesed.

Smiling, I say, “So, are a lot of your friends planning on going out trick-or-treating this year?”  “Yesssss”  she hissed grudingly.  So I continued, “Do you ever discuss at the school lunch table when you feel that you’ll be too old to go out on Halloween?”

“Um, not really.  Some people say they are not doing it anymore, but most still are.”  she said.  “Okay, and what are you and your friends going to dress up as do you think?  I asked.

“Witches are popular-the scary ones, not the trashy kinds you see at party stores though.  A couple of kids I know are going as Harry Potter characters and Lady Gaga and the Jersey Shore characters are popular, especially Paulie D and Snookie.”

Interesting I say, “Not particularly good role models. . .”  I mutter.

“I know Mom, thats the point-they’re ridiculous!”  she said.  I continued with my line of questioning, “How about the boys, are they still interested in trick-or-treating?

“How would I know Mom?  I don’t care either-I just want to go out and have fun with my friends!”  She indignantly responded.

“Okay, okay.  One more question.  What would you say is the number one reason you will go trick-or-treating this year?”  I ask.  She said, and I quote, “DUH!  for the candy. . .”

So there it is folks, in my unofficial poll of ‘tweens’ in the Richmond area, I am pleasantly surprised to find that girls still it find it fun to play dress up and stuff themselves silly with Halloween candy.  As a side note, I do remember last year seeing boys of my daughter’s age coming to the house trick-or-treating in their street clothes and simply pulling on a horrific gruesome mask over their faces in order to get the candy. Hershey Kisses and Hugs to all!