Vault Denim launches in Richmond: Great Jeans at Great Prices

Want great jeans and a way to earn cash, too? Vault Denim has launched in Richmond and offers a way to do both.

“This is a really easy way to make extra cash.  Some women in the company are replacing full time income with Vault Denim income, and others just choose to supplement.  Also, it is a BRAND NEW company, only 18 months old.  Can you imagine getting in on the ground floor of Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, even 31?” Bethany Piersol and Megan Lee, the ladies who are launching Vault Denim in Richmond shared.

There are literally only have a handful of consultants in a 120 mile radius of Richmond, VA, so the opportunities are great.  The commissions start at 18% of sales and go up to 24% of personal sales.  “Plus you can earn percentage sales on your downline if you recruit new consultants,” says Bethany.

“We have hosted a few parties and so far the response has been great!  Everyone says they have a hard time finding jeans and who has the time to go to a bunch of different places to look for them?  We bring an inventory of at least 130 pairs of jeans to each party in sizes 0-24,” says Megan.

We’re excited for this Richmond duo, and urge you to check out the Vault Denim Facebook page for more info and to get started today.