Make Cooking and Decorating Quick, Easy and FUN

Moms are quite busy this time of year — and throughout the year! When it comes to creating delicious homemade treats and goodies or decorating for a festive holiday, we all feel like we should be able to do it. But what if there are just not enough hours in the day or days in the week?

What then?

RELAY has the answer!

They’re offering a helping hand during the holidays. Check out some of their great ideas that make shopping, cooking, and decorating easy and fun.

Fresh, Delicious Sugary Delights

During holidays, it’s fun to get the kids (or, the kid in you) in the kitchen, fill the house with wonderful aromas, and pile the plates high with delectables that keep everyone smiling. But it’s easier, quicker and more fun when all of the ingredients come bundled together and delivered to you. Check out Relay Recipes — all the ingredients are listed on the page description — just pick and choose what you need or send the entire batch to your cart. RELAY makes it easy to free up time for doing the things you love to do by making it more efficient and saving you time.

Mixed Green Local Wreaths

Every year you mean to get a fresh one for the front door, but something always gets in the way and the Wreath-thing just slips down a notch on the priority level. This year, have a Glenthorne Mixed Green Wreath delivered! They kick off the season in style — and allow you to adorn them in ways you see fit. These are beautiful wreaths that make the front-door a welcoming smile.

No Bull Burger

Crissanne Raymond and her two daughters, Heather and Elizabeth,  make your favorite veggie burgers, NoBull Burgers. According to RELAY, “You heard it here first: They’re going to be America’s favorite veggie burger before long.” We agree.

Artisan Cuts – Who Knew?

“Artisan Cuts items are made from humanely-raised meat without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. No preservatives. No synthetic casings. We only use ingredients that are natural, fresh and flavorful,” according to Brad and Chris of Artisan Cuts. Now that’s  a reason to try these delicious cuts!

Did Someone say “Chocolate”?

Chocolate Almond Bites are just the answer you’re searching for.  A three-bite cookie delivering dark chocolatey, almondy, slightly salty goodness is heavenly. It just takes some melted chocolate, amaretto and butter in a single pan while whipping up the egg and sugar in another. Check here for the entire recipe and whip it up! The ingredients will all be added to your cart and delivered to you for the fun of making delicious treats.

Simplify the Holidays

RELAY makes it easy to enjoy delicious, wholesome local food and some festive greenery for the holidays.  You also get great savings with every order when you use your Savvy Saver card. Visit the RELAY website and learn more. Then create your own lists, or shop by favorites or previous purchases and have it all delivered.

Ahhhh… that’s festive!