Mommy and Me for working moms

Maybe it was just the fog of being a new mom and going back to work, but I had a hard time finding Mommy and Me classes that I could actually attend with my new baby. It seemed the majority of Mommy and Me Yoga or playdates took place at 10:30am on a Tuesday, during my weekly conference call. A little research has turned up quite a number of classes I can do with my baby through her toddler and big kid years. I’ve compiled them here for the new working mom who doesn’t have time to do the searching. I’m sure there are more, and it doesn’t really help with the playdates – but try to find some other moms in the office to organize  a Saturday coffee and tot lot meet up?

Core Kids Academy: Saturdays and Sundays, Soaring Stars and Bright Stars class for 10-36 months  

CMoR Art Workshops: ages 4-9, second Saturdays

Romp and Roll: Saurdays and Sundays, multiple classes at multiple locations for 3 months through five years

Lil’ Kickers (at SCOR): weekend classes as well as the option to create your own class and time, 18 months-3.5 years

Richmond Olympiad: Saturdays at all locations, ages 1-3 years