Lorrie Gore Makes Customer Services ‘Job 1’

Lorrie Gore of Gundlach Heating and Air.

Lots of grandmothers enjoy sitting back, taking life easy, and relaxing most days. But then, there’s Lorrie Gore.

It’s always so exciting to see women creating and managing successful businesses and Lorrie Gore of Gundlach is definitely a success story. She and her two sisters, Betty Gregory and Linda Stevens, are carrying on their father’s legacy with Gundlach Plumbing & Heating. After the loss of their father in October of 2011 at the age of 88, they’ve had to move forward managing the business in the wake of their grief and sadness — but their passion for customer service and providing quality services for the community gives them the passion to keep going and growing.

An article in the Richmond Times Dispatch today exemplifies the outstanding work they do as women business owners. Seeing a family tradition continue for so many years is an inspiration to others. As a customer of Gundlach Plumbing & Heating on more than one occasion, I can attest to their outstanding customer service and quality work too.

Lorrie began growing the company’s HVAC business in the late 1980s. She received her master license in plumbing, gas piping, and heating and air conditioning in 1993 — which was not the typical route for a woman in business at that time. But Lorrie is not typical in any way! Thanks to her leadership, Gundlach Plumbing & Heating was awarded the HVAC Contractor of the Year by the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors National Association. The award highlights community service and professionalism and is an honor in the industry.

Richmondmom.com once again salutes Gundlach Plumbing & Heating for their outstanding contributions to the community through quality services and stellar customer service. We know that their father would be proud of their continuing commitment to the business and the community.

We hope you never need a plumber or heating expert, but if you do, be sure and call Gundlach.

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