The Biggest St. Patrick's Day Parenting Mistake

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Last year, I made the biggest St. Patrick's Day parenting mistake there is to make with a child.

No, I didn't forget to tell my son he's (1/16th) Irish.

No, I didn't forget to give him something green to wear.

No, I didn't dress him like a leprechaun and call it festive.

This is what happens when I get sole decision-making power for outfits on St. Patrick's Day. Nary a leprechaun in sight.

I didn't even delve into the social and political ramifications of England, Northern Ireland and the IRA.

What I did was much, much worse.

I told my then-4-year-old son, who was refusing to wear green on March 17, that he had to do it OR ELSE HE'D BE PINCHED.

Yes, I perpetuated for another generation the ol' pitch-the-guy-not-wearing-green elementary and middle school Irish extravaganza. Because nothing says SAINT like black and blue mark. I said it off-handed and because I'm obsessed with holidays. I said it without realizing that the boy, who wears green so he doesn't get pinched, is sure as heck going to be looking for some suckers, who's parents forgot the day of green, to pinch.


Not because he's a mean kid but because his mom pretty much told him to.

The moment we walked into his classroom, E went on the prowl. He started with a teacher and happily informed 3 preschoolers before hang up his coat. All I can hope for this year is that his memory will fail on March 17 so I don't have to relive my parental faux pas.

Although he'd better wear green like I insist, because I'm pretty sure his friends are looking for pay back this year and St. Patrick's Day falling on a Saturday may not be enough to stop them from showing up.

PS. I'll also being wearing green because those preschool parent's aren't very forgiving either.

Can't touch this. (us from last St. Patrick's Day)

pinching hand photo source

the rest of the photos are obviously by me