Fairy Godmother Project Needs Your Help

Laura Leporati has taken on a incredible challenge and she’s searching for volunteers. The Fairy Godmother Project is just getting started in Richmond, VA.

“It started in Fredericksburg and is now expanding into Richmond. I am coordinator of the Richmond chapter and serve on the board of directors for the organization. We are helping families in Virginia who have a child in treatment for cancer. As you can imagine, they are under a great deal of stress both financially and emotionally because of their child’s illness so the regular day-to-day stresses like dinner, cleaning, lawn care and organizing are low on the priority list. As a group, the Fairy Godmother Project tries to lighten their load. We have volunteers who make meals, donate their time to clean, provide different services and donate money to help us help these families. The second part of our program provides one professional photography session to each family. This is the most precious gift to them because they just don’t know what the future holds,” explains Laura.

Volunteer training is coming up next Tuesday, May 22nd at 6:30 at the Glen Allen Library.  Laura is searching high and low for potential volunteers. If you are interested at all, they would love to have you join them or contact Laura for more information. You can volunteer as little or as much of your time as possible because everything helps.

For those unable to donate time, they are also accepting monetary and gift card donations as well.

More About Fairy Godmother

‘Making a Difference in the Lives of Families with Pediatric Cancer’

Source: http://www.fairygodmotherproject.org/

We are a group of people reaching out to families during pediatric cancer treatments in hopes of making their day to day a bit easier through meals, organization and other domestic help.  In addition, we offer family photography sessions donated by professional photographers

We need volunteers to:

  • Make Meals
  • Clean and Organize Homes
  • Do Yard Work,
  • Fundraise
  • Market and Help with Events

 We need businesses to be sponsors or to provide services. Specifically we need:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Landscapers/Lawn Service Businesses
  • House Cleaning Businesses
  • Photographers
  • Farms or CSA’s

Anything else that will help (Massages, Date Nights for parents, Pet Sitting, etc)

  • We need donations to include gift cards for:
  • Visa or American Express
  • Gas
  • Grocery and restaurant
  • Monetary Donations to purchase the above items

For more information:



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