Confused About Quarantine Rules? Let This Hilarious Video Clear It Up For You!

With every state offering their own quarantine rules and lockdown measures, it’s hard to know what we’re supposed to be doing…or not doing…or if we’re supposed to doing more of one thing…or maybe less of another. In other words, these days, most of us don’t know if we’re coming or going. And if we’re going, we have no idea where we CAN go.

Every day, new report pops us with a new set of quarantine rules that may be the same as the one the day before, unless, of course, it’s the exact opposite. This has left most of us in a tailspin, wanting to keep our families safe, but having no idea what quarantine rules are the right ones to follow. In the end, we have to trust the experts (once we figure out who they are) and do our best to make sure that we’re not only doing our part to keep ourselves safe, but also those around us. It’s a lot to process.

This is, of course, a very serious subject. But as they say, “laughter is the best medicine,” so naturally, when we saw this hilarious video from Jamie Kent Carver on Facebook, we had to share…as soon as we stopped laughing long enough to actually get around to it!

In the following video, Carver offers us a mock press conference outlining quarantine rules and regulations…unless they’re not actually quarantine rules, except in the cases where, of course, they are. You get the idea. All we can say is that this is quarantainment at it’s finest!

So, if you’re wondering what quarantine rules to follow, let Jamie Kent Carver answer the tough questions for you in this all-too-accurate “press conference.” You may just learn a thing or two…unless you don’t…but either way, you’ll get a good laugh, guaranteed!

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