Mosaic Mediation Saves Frustration, Time and Money When Conflicts Arise

Are you or someone you know struggling with conflict? Is there a business conflict in your life – or perhaps there are custody issues with a child? Maybe you and your siblings disagree over caregiver options for a loved one?

Conflict as a Fact of Life

Unfortunately, conflicts are a fact of life at various points in our lives. No one escapes the frustration that comes with divorce, business disputes, elder-care decisions, personal property settlements, or other concerns. Conflict can often make it difficult to see the most important issues clearly, and most people have problems discerning what’s most important to themselves and others when embroiled in conflict.

That’s when mediation services can play a valuable role in your life.

Experienced Mediators

Liza Hill, owner of Mosaic Mediation LLC, knows this all too well.

Liza began practicing mediation in 2002 and this continues to be a primary focus for her business. She worked as the dispute resolution coordinator for AFLAC in both Virginia and Maryland and has handled many family and juvenile cases throughout her career. In 2005, she opened her law practice and continues working with mediation clients in the business and family areas. Her experience in family and juvenile law equip her well in mediation that adheres to legal regulations as well.

The fact that hourly rates for mediation experts are below those of attorneys also makes this an attractive alternative. You save time and money with mediation services.

As a Richmond mom and an experienced mediator, Liza knows that conflict can often be better managed outside the legal system. It focuses on what’s most important to all parties and not just to third parties making decisions for you. Instead of judges, lawyers, social workers, doctors, and other ‘experts’ making decisions, YOU make decisions based on what’s important.

With mediation, you stay in control of the decision-making.

Mosaic Mediation offers a variety of services to make it quicker, easier, and more affordable to reach amicable decisions to difficult situations. Primary services fall into the following categories:

  1. Business Conflict
  2. Divorce and Custody
  3. Family Conflicts and Personal

How it Works

Mediation involves a facilitative process to help parties come together for a common understanding of their problems and the potential solutions. A skilled mediator has experience in facilitating discussion and has in-depth knowledge of the laws of the state.

Experienced mediators focus on:

  • Maintaining a neutral position in the case
  • Clarifying issues and information
  • Encouraging and facilitating open, honest communication
  • Analyzing all aspects of the situation
  • Deploying creativity to facilitate communication
  • Assisting parties in organizing thoughts and understanding motivations
  • Removing barriers
  • Helping parties identify potential solutions
  • Allowing parties to reach an agreeable resolution

As an experienced attorney and mediator, Liza knows how important it is to enable clients to reach a resolution that addresses each party’s needs and desires as much as possible. Allowing clients to come to their own conclusions and resolution is the result of effective mediation.

Contact Liza

If you or someone you know could benefit from mediation services, just visit the website, email or call Liza at 804.784.0376 for a consultation. It’s a call that could end up saving you thousands of dollars and countless hours in the complex legal system.

Be sure to visit Liza’s Facebook page and “like” it for periodic updates on how to improve communication in your life too.

You’ll be able to get your life back on track and move forward quicker and with a solution that leaves everyone feeling better when you take advantage of Liza’s services.

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