Considered an In-home Baby Nurse? Empowering Through Nurturance

The first few weeks at home with your newborn can be both a magical time – and physically and emotionally grueling! Unfortunately, the demands of the baby can blur your precious memories (especially if you have multiples).

That is why some mothers turn to an in-home baby nurse for night-time assistance. A baby nurse is there to “mother the mother”, so to speak, and help take care of the baby.

Melinda King (The Babieladie) of The Nurturing Nurse, in my opinion is well-qualified to provide this service.

She is an experienced, qualified pediatric nurse, childbirth educator, doula and lactation consultant, as well as a mother of three.
One of Melinda’s clients, Miranda, says that Melinda has been a huge help to her as her baby nurse, especially since her relatives do not live close by. On weeknights, Melinda arrives punctually at ten o’clock and takes over care of her baby girl. She feeds her, changes her and talks to her. She even keeps a detailed notebook of what the baby’s night was like. Miranda gets seven solid hours sleep, and by the time she wakes up in the morning, the baby is already washed and wearing clean clothes.
Miranda says that thanks to Melinda’s help, she actually gets to spend some time with her husband in the evening. Also, she believes that being well-rested makes her a much more effective mother during the day.
“My husband and I are on our own with the baby on weekends. It’s only two days, but it is such a big difference! We really look forward to Melinda coming over during the week!”
In addition to her baby nurse and doula services, Melinda also offers a number of extras as well, such as belly-casting, baby showers, birth photography, private lactation consulting and baby massage.

Melinda feels that she was designed to be a nurturer. “My love and passion has always been about nurturing children that have been placed in my path to ensure that they receive the best possible outlook on life imaginable!”

The Nurturing Nurse donated nursing services to the grand prize winner of our Dream Baby Shower; if you know an expectant mom, please nominate her for this amazing contest.


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