I was watching the first Sex in the City movie the other evening (note: husband was in the other room, fixated on the baseball game) and I came to the part where the girls were in Mexico.

Now, for those that may have not seen this amazing (I really don’t have very high standards when it comes to movies, I just am excited that I get to watch them now and again) flick, I will summarize. The four friends from the HBO series are back and doing what they do best, wearing fabulous shoes and clothes, drinking amazing looking martini’s and planning Carrie, the main character’s wedding. In a nutshell Big, Carrie’s husband to be freaks out and does not show, leaving her humiliated, devastated and drinking vodka, straight…but still looking fabulous. Thank you movie directors, producers and writers who make this woman, who has been dumped by the man of her dreams and sobbing for hours, look better than most, even after primping.

Anyway, the four girls decide to head to Mexico on Carrie’s non-refundable Honeymoon. Sounds like a blast, right? Five star resort, bungalow overlooking the ocean, butler there to take care of every need, count me in. But you do feel for this poor girl who has been through the ringer with this guy and she is devastated, to the point where all she wants to do is sleep in paradise. The part that got me was when Samantha, her very sexy, risqué friend comes in with breakfast. Carrie is hardly able to sit up let alone lift a spoon and she just sits there and looks across the tray. They exchange a slight smile and Samantha picks up a spoon and feeds her. It got me. Tears, heaving sobs and I hadn’t even had one glass of wine. It was a true act of friendship.  Simple but it spoke volumes. Just as a child relies on a parent to feed and nourish them, we rely on our girlfriends to nourish our spirits.

There are days when I long to be in the company of my girlfriends, days when the kids have pushed me to my limits with demands and back talk and fighting. Days where I wish that I was in Mexico enjoying a fun drink with my feet resting on an ottoman by the pool, laughing at silly comments only we girls would get. Then I get a text or quick message (as I always miss calls due to mayhem in the house) from a friend who is laughing, recounting a memory from years past or sharing a “you are never going to believe what I just did” moment.  That is when I get my trip to Mexico and my smile across the tray and my spoon full of nourishment. It is then I put on my big girl pants and forge ahead with my day, knowing that, when I need it, one of my girls will pick me up again.

Meghan Mack is a mother of three wonderfully energetic children who test and challenge her on a daily basis. Her mission is simple: To share her struggles and successes with other mom's out there so they know that they are not alone in this quest to raise children. She also hopes to make them laugh, reminding everyone(including herself) to not take everything so seriously. The mantra that Meghan lives by "There is no room for judgement" especially when your three year old thinks it's cool to dress himself.