Kindergarten Information Fair: Ten Different Area Private Schools – One Evening

Thursday, October 25


Location: Richmond Waldorf

1000 Westover Hills Boulevard Richmond, VA 23225

Richmond Waldorf is bringing together local private schools to share information with parents who are exploring kindergarten options!

Participating schools include:

Richmond Waldorf School

Engaging children’s imaginations and curiosity through active, hands-on learning. Cultivating creative thinking, inquiry, and a love of learning by integrating a full curriculum in math, language arts, the sciences, and foreign languages with the visual arts, drama, music, and movement. Lessons connect meaningfully across the curriculum and build cumulatively throughout the grades.

Good Shepherd Episcopal School

Meeting each child where they are in their educational development and creating a path to ensure advancement academically and individually.  Curriculum that is adaptive to the needs of each child. Promoting student cooperation and connectedness (rather than competition) through cross-educational discipline.

Luther Memorial School

Oldest parochial school in Richmond. Focus on academics plus the social skills and attitudes needed to develop positive relationships and foster love and respect for all people. Integrating faith, knowledge, and conduct into a God-pleasing whole.

Millwood School

Producing accomplished, well rounded, and resourceful graduates, who measure up to their potential, lead principled lives, and strive to make the world a better place. Supportive environment that challenges the intellect, develops the body, and fosters moral values. Understanding that each child is unique and that no two children learn in exactly the same way.

Richmond Montessori School

Identifying strengths and tailoring lessons accordingly, while maintaining academic, emotional and social standards for advancement to the next level. Individualized lessons complement an integrated curriculum to encourage abstract and critical thinking skills, while multi-age, co-ed groupings foster social collaboration and a sense of community. Fostering self-motivation and confidence.

Sabot at Stony Point

Sustaining children’s quest for meaning and understanding. Harnessing the power of their theories and ideas, and guiding their inquiry and research. Supporting collaboration and respectful exchange. Challenging students to become effective communicators and disciplined thinkers, capable of solving problems in an increasingly complex world.

St. Andrews

Educating through a balanced academic, social, and spiritual experience, shaped by the Episcopal tradition and inspired by Christian faith. Teaching the power and value of respect for others, self discipline, and honesty. Striving to be a model for excellence in all that we do.

St. Bridget School

Holistic approach to faith-based education that helps each student grow academically, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Challenging every student to reach for academic excellence – by encouraging critical thinking, supporting collaboration, and inspiring an environment of exploration.

St. Michael’s Episcopal School

Richmond’s oldest independent school south of the James River. Highly valuing academic achievement, religious affiliation with the Episcopal Church and involvement by students and parents. Small enough to enable adults and children to know each other, but large enough to provide performing arts, sports, clubs and robotics.

Veritas School

Providing a Christ-centered, academically-rigorous classical education. High academic and moral standards that encourage students to do their best work. Nurturing and challenging students to achieve their fullest academic and spiritual potential.


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