Top Ten Favorite Things To Do In Richmond With A Toddler

My days of toddler-hood are over. In fact, we threw away the crib.

However, I remember staring at my few-words-and-many-needs toddlers, who, for example, insisted she could buckle herself in the car seat (no she couldn’t), or believed he could climb a bird feeder (not unless I wanted to buy it).

Here were my ten favorite things to do with my toddlers (divided into three categories because I have so much time on my hands now).

  1. Go to an ENCLOSED outdoor playground: Unless I wanted to spend my afternoon playing keep-the-kid-from-dying-in-the-street.
    • The park at Lombardy and Park Ave in the Fan
    • The “Train Playground” by Thompson and Stuart in Carytown (plus you see trains going by)
    • The Westover Hills United Methodist Church playground at Westover Hills Blvd and King William Road in Westover Hills (has a preschool though so check hours)
    • The Third Presbyterian Church playground at Forest Ave near Patterson in the West End (has a preschool though so check hours)
  2. Go to an ENCLOSED indoor play area: Preferably when everyone else was in school or napping since my children thought naps were for chumps.
  3. Meandering walks: Toddlers have only been walking for five minute to five months so walking ANYWHERE is exciting. Just be prepared with snacks, water, diapers and frequent stopping to admire small rocks.
    • Cheswick Park across from Henrico Doctors Hospital on Forest Ave. The path behind the playground is a small loop with a bridge. The perfect length when I ever got off the bridge. Stroller friendly for the most part.
    • The sidewalks and alleyways of Carytown. I lived there when E was born so I might be biased but walking through the alleys and throwing rocks in puddles are some of my favorite memories. Park anywhere in the Museum District.
    • The Mall. I prefer Chesterfield Town Center or Regency Mall* for toddler walks. They are even more enjoyable if the kids don’t notice there are STORES. *I wrote this before the shooting in Regency Mall. I’m hoping that was an isolated incident and am going to keep it on the list.
Carytown Toddler Walk

I felt so nostalgic writing this list. Here’s my oldest a meandering Carytown toddler walk.

Please add your favorite enclosed playgrounds, indoor play areas and walks in the Richmond area with your toddler. It’s only been 18 months since I’ve had one, but I didn’t go everywhere that’s fun. Or did I?


Alex Iwashyna

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