Real Richmond Review: The Holiday Arts Mash Up

Emma and Connor with some of their art projects.

Emma and Connor with some of their art projects.

Do you remember the fantastic Holiday Arts Mash Up for kids during the holidays? It was a threesome of art, food, and fun for the kids:

  1. The first stop  was at Sweet Spot Candy where kids decorated a gingerbread house.
  2. Then they headed over to All Fired Up to paint a ceramic snowman.
  3. They finished at Spirited Art Richmond to paint holiday ornaments.

My 10 year old granddaughter Emma and 8 year old grandson Connor were so excited to go to the event. And Emma was still so excited after the event, she asked if she could write a review on

So without further ado, Emma’s Real Richmond Review of the Holiday Arts Mash Up (in her own words!).


Fun at the Holiday Art Camp

by: Emma Hennesey (10 years old)

You know how there was a camp sort of event with Sweet Spot, Spirited Art, and All Fired Up. Well, there was — and all of the activities were so fun!

We did a lot of things and even had a yummy lunch of pizza from Ledo’s.

First, we went to Sweet Spot where we made gingerbread houses and we even got to keep our extra candy and icing! We had a little bag of candy to take home with us. We had lots of fun and laughed and played while we were decorating with candy and icing. When we finished, we moved down the street to All Fired Up.

At All Fired Up we painted little snowmen figurines with cute little hats. My brother and I made one for our little sister because she was too young to go with us this year.

And next was the time for my favorite part because I love to paint and draw. We headed off to Spirited Art where we painted our beautiful masterpieces. Guess what we made? We painted two small hanging ornaments with fingerprint snowmen on them. One was red and one was blue. My mom loved them for our Christmas tree.

The  Holiday Arts Mash Up  was one of my top favorite holiday events and favorite sort of winter camps. I hope we can do it again next year.

art mash upAs you can see, the Holiday Arts Mash Up was a hit with the children – and the two hours allowed their parents to get some holiday shopping done too! Thanks Sweet Spot, Spirited Art, and All Fired Up! We hope we can do it again next year too!


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