Kindergarten Registration for Public Schools is April 11, 2013

SB_2012Kindergarten_Graphic illustration of kids onlyKindergarten registration is Thursday, April 11, 2013 for all public schools in the Richmond region. Children who will be age 5 by September 30 can start kindergarten this fall. But first, they need to be registered.

Registering for kindergarten on time can prevent attendance delays. On-time registration gives the school a chance to give you important information about events and activities that will help your child feel comfortable when school starts. A health exam is required and sometimes the need for additional screenings or immunizations are identified. Making sure your child is healthy and ready for kindergarten can prevent your child from experiencing problems in the classroom.

For more specific information about times or what to bring, dial “211” or go to the website, then click kindergarten registration.

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