Richmond Rocks! Colonial Trail Elementary School (The Spooky Sequel)

At Kate Hall’s Richmond Rocks! author visit at Colonial Trail Elementary School last year (in honor of National Libraries Month), she asked the kids, “If we were to do a sequel, what would you like it to be about?”

No brainer – ghost stories! And that was the inspiration for Richmond Rocks! The Spooky Sequel.

So here Kate is a year later, on “Drop Everything and Read Day”, proudly presenting the book that the Colonial Trail kids helped inspire. Once again, the Colonial Trail kids were an enthusiastic (and polite) audience, and there was an energetic Q&A session afterwards.Colonial Trail ES 2013

Here are some of our favorite questions from the session:

Are all of these ghost stories true?

According to the research resources, yes!

Did you draw the pictures too?

No. Knox Hubard, the talented illustrator of Richmond Rocks!, also illustrated The Spooky Sequel.

What’s your favorite library?

It’s so hard to choose just one! They all have so much to offer!

Are you ever going to write a chapter book?

Hmmm, that’s an idea!

How old are you? Maybe twenty-five?

Good guess! (Wink!)

Big shout-out to Rachel Brown, the school librarian! The Colonial Trail library will be receiving a percentage of book sales from this event as a fundraiser.

Colonial Trail ES 2103 2

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