Jumpology = Funology: Real Richmond Review




**Editor’s Note: Jumpology isn’t an advertiser. We just wanted you to know about ’em in this Real Richmond Review!

Trampolines wall to wall ? Grown-ups get to do it too? They have designated a special time slot for our special needs children? I AM IN!

Well unless you’re living under a rock, surely you’ve heard of Jumpology. It’s all the rage right now and I see why. I feel why too.

I loaded up the kids and spent an hour at Jumpology. I jumped around like a complete idiot and I had more fun than I should have. So trampolines are awesome..duh, but these things are better quality because you really bounce on them. I’m not gonna lie to you, it uses every muscle in your body without you even knowing. It’s like the sneakiest exercise ever. You think you’re just goofing off only to find out you did some strength training and cardio. I knew I was winded and sweaty but I was having so much fun I didn’t realize I was actually exercising.

I wasn’t the only one exhausted after that trip either. My kids were like little limp dishrags too and what parent doesn’t love that?

So here are my official notes on Jumpology:

The staff loves what they do and it shows. They are engaging and personable and during a time when customer service seems to be lost, I place a lot of value on this. I always like to ask employees how they’re treated, because frankly if you aren’t treating them well, I don’t want to give you my money. I chose Michael as my employee to pick on. He was great! He showed us jumping techniques and said he loved his job enthusiastically and that he was treated well . . .SCORE.

He didn’t waste any time telling us different activities and cool things to do there and he was delightful. The others staff members evenJumpology Richmond VA obliged me when I shouted “do it again” after doing a cool trick. Gavin, the manager was also great about showing us where to go, what to do, and how to not get in trouble. (It’s trampolines people, you gotta follow the rules).

Looks like the only type of person who might not really dig it there would be seniors, although I think a field trip to observe would be equally as fun. Who doesn’t love smiles and laughter?

•There is Club Gravity for 15yr olds and older with lasers every Friday and Saturday from 9-11pm.

•KidJump for the little guys ages 6 and under M-F 9am-noon AND accompanying adults jump FREE.

•Family Night every Monday from 6pm-9pm. The whole family gets in for $35 (AWESOME)

•Theme Night Thursdays with 80’s, hip hop, pajamas and more from 6-9pm. Check out the themes on their facebook page.

•Bounce Boards this is only $5/hr.

•Trampoline Dodgeball which is in a cage and if I have to tell you how much fun this is, then you’re a fuddy duddy and move on down the road.

•JumpFit which is an exercise routine with an intense crossfit workout. Check the website for deets on this one.

AND . . .

•Birthday parties!! You can bring your own food, get a hostess and more. Check out all the options.

Jumpology Richmond VA funI stronly encourage a week day visit for your first time. We turned Tuesday into a total party and tt’s not as crowded and you can really figure it out and be ready for a weekend trip or summer time trip. This will continue to be a hot spot for families over the summer.  Also, if you are an adult, I would be very afraid of the foam pit.

It is amazingly fun to dive into it with reckless abandonment but GOOD LUCK getting out of it. Holy cow, I thought I was gonna have to live out the remainder of my life in there.

So to sum it up for you:  It’s so much fun that it’s ridiculous, it’s clean, the staff is present everywhere, fun and courteous and it’s something new and fun to do with the entire family. Michael said the toddlers love it even though they can’t get any air.

Go back to college Michael and keep your part-time job at Jumpology! I think I hear VCU calling you right now :)


Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm 1 hour flight – $12

Friday & Saturday- 9am-11pm 2 hour flight – $20

Sunday Closed

jump5 jump6 JUMPOLOGY

10087 Brook Road (Virginia Center Commons)

Glen Allen, VA 23059