Celebrating Michelle Colo Burdiss: 2013 Supermom Winner

michelle burdiss and Christa Donahue
Michelle Burdiss with Christa Donahue.

We had a fantastic Supermom 2013 celebration last night with  Michelle Colo Burdiss, family, and friends. Michelle had the most unique votes and is our 2013 Richmond Supermom! Read her nomination and those of the many other amazing women nominated here.

medarvaThanks to Medarva at Stony Point Surgery Center for sponsoring this amazing tribute to Richmond moms. We’re super excited that Shannon Milligan of Keller Williams Realty matched our donation to CJSTUF for the contest too. Together, we made a $500 donation to this very important local nonprofit that was started in memory of Charlotte. Read more about Charlotte from her mom, Rachel Reynolds.

We celebrated with doctors and other representatives from Medarva at Stony Point Surgery Center and had a great time. Kate Hall, Richmondmom.com Founder, and Christa Donahue, one of the new owners of Richmondmom.com, celebrated alongside everyone (Christa’s husband and co-owner of Richmondmom.com was at home babysitting their 2 little ones!).


Shannon Milligan, Kate Hall, Michelle Burdiss, Rachel Reynolds, and Christa Donahue

We just had to share the comments from Michelle’s husband about her too. He posted the following on Facebook before the contest ended – not knowing whether she’d be the official winner in our Richmondmom.com contest or not:

Eddie Edwards, Shannon Milligan, and Rachel Reynolds congratulate Michelle!

Shannon_Milligan_Logo0**So Michelle’s mom nominated her for Richmond Supermom before I had the chance. So what can I say……….a whole lot ! There are so many reasons one can be defined as a Supermom and I know there are a lot of them out there. They may have risen above tragedy, juggle a job and kids all by themselves, have sacrificed everything for their children and I am amazed at what so many of them do. What makes Michelle a Supermom to me is her endless efforts to always strive for better, yet not in a way that compromises being herself. She keeps it real, there is no false presentation of our family and our life across the facebook world where no one can really see the truth. Raising kids is the most awesome and difficult thing at the same time and Michelle is not afraid to hide it. She never pretends to know it all and through all the different challenges we have faced she has seeked out advice through books, others, and shared it with me. That is a most important factor for me she gets the brunt of parenthood while I am working and has to manage so much by herself, but she shares it with me and allows me to be a most involved father. I am sure at times just like when you have had enough of anything and you just want to put it away, sweep it under the rug if you will, you don’t want to talk about it anymore. You also certainly might not want to have the person who only had a glimpse into the madness take part in making a decision for how to handle certain situations, but we are a team……she allows me full partnership even as many times as I have totally sabotaged the system. CJ's Thumbs Up Foundation CJStuf.orgSystem you may ask…..well I hope you have one if you have 5 kids or that system is going to run you : ) So thank you Michelle Colo Burdiss for being real, making all the efforts you do each day just to keep it going, and also still making time for me, your best friend…….that is how it all started……….who knew………..well everyone knew because you told them, but I meant who knew it would turn out this way???? Certainly not me. I didn’t have expectations of you, I just love you, but you would exceed anyone’s in my opinion that is why you are a Supermom and a Superwife!*** (written by Michelle’s husband).

Bruce Kupper, CEO of MEDARVA, celebrate with our Supermom.

michelle burdissCongratulations again to Michelle – Richmondmom.com 2013 Supermom! You ROCK!