Richmond Author Inspires Kids for World Peace

worldpeaceIn 1978, John Hunter decided that he wanted to teach his inner-city students about global issues in such a way that “they could experience the feeling of learning through their bodies.” He designed the World Peace Game and for more than 30 years, Hunter has used it to introduce these issues to students from his fourth-grade class and beyond.

John was born and raised in Richmond – he lives and teaches today in Charlottesville, VA.  He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University.

In World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, Hunter shares the wisdom he’s gleaned from over thirty years teaching the World Peace Game.

Over a period of weeks, through a complex set of scenarios (and a three-dimensional structure representing the entire planet), children and teens learn to:

  • negotiate, battle, obtain resources
  • cooperate in the wake of natural disasters
  • and resolve all manner of conflicts

The kids (in schools both well-funded and under-resourced) read Sun Tzu in order to see past the logic of war. They test the possibility of confrontation, only, later, to choose peace.

World Peace is a look at the relentless optimism and wisdom of children. It reveals the principles of successful collaboration that people of any age can apply and shares the tools which may help us all in efforts for a more peaceful world.

Praise for the Book

“Hunter’s optimism is infectious” –Publishers Weekly

“A veteran educator’s uplifting account of how he introduced schoolchildren to global problems through a visionary game that charged them with saving the world….Inspired, breath-of-fresh-air reading, especially for those who have ever questioned what the public school system can do for American children.” –Kirkus

“With numerous reflections on the game’s impact on certain students and a resounding final chapter highlighting his class’s 2012 visit to the Pentagon, Hunter proves the value of “slow teaching” in this important, fascinating, highly readable resource for educators and parents alike.” –Booklist


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