Lights Camera Action at Tuckaway

tuckawayWho says summer is boring? Not when you’re at Tuckaway Child Development Centers for sure!

This summer, the kids at Tuckaway engaged in creating their own movies. It was a summer-long project at each of their schools to engage kids in fun and also learning about video creation and working together.

The summer camp theme was ‘Lights, Camera, Action‘ where each school spent the summer creating a video. Each school’s students decided their video’s subject, wrote the script and designed/created sets and costumes.  With the help of the staff who directed the video taping, and edited them to their final product, the students created some great videos. They learned a lot but most of all, they had FUN! What better way to spend the summer?

Check out the links below to access the videos. You’ll love the creativity of these kids.

Tuckaway held a premiere party and students saw the videos for the first times… introducing the cast before showing their film.

Be sure and check out the Back-to-School specials at Tuckaway too!

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