What Do YOU Want in a Preschool Environment?

44Would you love to tell your child’s preschool what hours you want them to be open and what programs you’d like for them to offer your child(ren)? Does your child’s school accommodate your needs as a parent?

As parents, we always want the best for our children – especially when it comes to preschool and education. And now we can help a local Richmond school determine what parents really want and need for their children by participating in a survey that only takes a few minutes of your time.

A long-standing Richmond local private school is looking to make changes to their preschool to make it more flexible for working parents, or stay-at-home parents who choose to utilize a preschool environment. Feedback from the community is essential in designing preschool programs that meet the needs of parents and their children.

Click here to access a brief 5-minute survey so your voice can be heard. We appreciate you participating in this survey to help local schools provide us with more options for our children – and that are flexible for our schedules. All answers are completely confidential and they don’t even ask for your name, email, or other identifying information.

Pass this on to your friends too!

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