Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associates Share Tips for Successful Pediatric Dental Visits

Atkins-Maestrello-Miller & Associates Pediatric Dentistry

Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associate’s goal is to help every child (and parent) have a successful, happy visit. There are lots of things parents can do to help prepare their kids for a visit to the dentist, and the Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associate team want to help parents by providing them tips for a […]

A Healthy Pregnancy Includes a Visit to the Dentist

Atkins-Maestrello-Miller & Associates Pediatric Dentistry

This month Dr. Liz talks to us about pregnancy and dental care.  I am pretty obsessed with my dental care but will admit it was hard to go when I was pregnant.  I was so queasy the idea of laying back with hands in my mouth had my stomach doing extra flips.  But I was […]

Visiting the dentist with an autistic child

Atkins-Maestrello-Miller & Associates Pediatric Dentistry

April is National Autism Month, and as the epidemic of children on the autism spectrum grows comes the need for specialized care for their families. Autistic children and their families are frequently confronted with many challenges in creating and maintaining good dental health – including difficulty with changes in routine, restricted diets, sensitivity to certain […]

Fluoride in Richmond’s City Water Supplies: What a local pediatric dentist thinks

Atkins-Maestrello-Miller & Associates Pediatric Dentistry

Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associates Pediatric Dentistry has gotten a lot of questions about the recent changes in guidelines for fluoride in city water supplies. Many Richmond parents are confused by the City of Richmond’s decision to lower the fluoride levels in our community water supplies. The topic has received on the local and national […]

Richmond Pediatric Dentists Offer Help for Toothaches

Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associates

Atkins, Maestrello, Miller & Associates is offering a four-part series on dental health in honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dental Emergencies Part 1: Severe Toothache and Infection Dental Emergencies Part 2: Broken or Chipped Teeth Dental Emergencies Part 3: Knocked Out & Missing Teeth Don’t forget to enter their coloring contest to get […]