Does the Montessori Method Apply to Leaders?

montessori logoWhat does the Montessori educational method have to do with today’s leaders? You might be surprised!

Clearly some of the key attributes of Montessori are essential elements for strong leadership:

  • Self-directed learning
  • Focus on creative problem solving and innovative
  • Thinking
  • Students teaching other students
  • Stoking and encouraging curiosity
  • Comfort with ambiguous situations
  • Self-mastery of concepts to instill self-confidence
  • Embracing failure as a learning opportunity

montessoriIn a six-year study of 3,000 innovative executives, professors Jeff Dyer of Brigham Young University and Hal Gregersen of INSEAD in Europe discovered that a significant number of the respondents had gone to a Montessori school “where they learned to follow their curiosity.” Many of them are now some of the world’s strongest, most creative, and most innovative leaders among us.

The Montessori educational method encourages questions and creativity. It helps children look at problems as an opportunity to solve it versus being overwhelmed and intimidated by it. The teaching method instills confidence at the crucial age as children are developing skills, and helps create a crucial foundation for leadership skills.

According to the Montessori Method:

  • teachers act as coaches and facilitators for children
  • teachers have a deep respect for children
  • leadership-styleschildren are taught to be kind and peaceful
  • classrooms are diverse and include multiple age groups
  • students are taught to help younger students
  • children learn in their own way and at an individual pace
  • students progress as they master new skills and move ahead when they are ready
  • there are few texts, no homework, no tests and no grades
  • rote memorization is eliminated in favor of helping children truly understand a subject
  • children learn that failure is acceptable and mistakes are learning experiences

So are these precepts that emerge from creativity, curiosity and self-awareness also predictors of future success for leaders?

You may be surprised – and energized, encouraged, and inspired – by what you learn here. Click here to read more and let us know what you think.



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