Is Social Media’s Obsession with ‘Self’ Destroying our Children?

montessoriHow do children learn empathy, compassion and caring?

And how do they learn to laugh at people who get hurt, or delight in others’ misfortunes, or have no compassion for people who are ridiculed? Could it be their use of technology that distorts or exploits their views of suffering?

Do cartoons and video games about people getting hurt create humor and laughter for children that carries over into their everyday lives? Are injuries funny because of what children see on television, video games, or other technology?

And what does multi-tasking actually do to the brain anyway? After all, nobody can multi-task well! Children and teens may even be “permanently and negatively affected by unregulated interaction with media” according to research.

Multi-tasking is growing among younger kids and this could negatively impact their fundamental abilities to keep their brains focused and organized.

So how do we get kids to sustain concentration, focus on one task to completion, and cultivate skills in grace, courtesy, and empathy?

When it comes to creating balance in this crazy world of technology, the Montessori method is a great place to start. Their methods of teaching have proven effective for children of all ages. Montessori pedagogy may be the answer to our crazy, multi-tasking, frenetic world!

And the Research Says

Jana Morgan Herman, MEd, has conducted research on this exact topic. She researches why children should reduce their involvement with technology (and she finds most of her research using her iPod!).

From her research, we learn:

“While birth to age 6 is the primary age span for brain development, there is a second period of profuse development inthe growing brain, beginning around age 11 and lasting for the next couple of years (Thomas & Knowland, 2009). Teachers and parents must understand the consequences of excessive interaction with technology on children and help them construct the ability to balance the instant gratification of technology with the mind’s deeper engagement in tasks of mental substance.”

“Montessori’s emphasis on grace and courtesy, a cornerstone of her pedagogy, is the perfect remedy for social media’s obsession with self and requires the individual to consider others, the community, and “the supreme reality of social life” ~ (Montessori, 1994, p. 94).

If you’re looking for ways to improve your child’s concentration, performance, and ability to organize thoughts and processes, you’ll want to read more. You can also learn new ways to help children learn about empathy, compassion, and caring simply by balancing their use of technology and other aspects of life.

To help your child perform at his or her very best, click here to learn more. Whether you choose the Montessori School for your child(ren) or not, you will find what you read here to be very valuable as you help them balance technology and daily life.