Richmond Rocks! The Spooky Sequel at RC Longan Elementary School

Richmond Rocks! The Spooky Sequel, RC Longan ESWhat an enthusiastic audience at RC Longan! Judging by the Q&A session, after Kate’s reading of Richmond Rocks! The Spooky Sequel, these kids really love books!

Do your kids like to read? My favorite books are the I Survived series.

“Yes! My kids love to read too!”

Do your kids like non-fiction?

“They sure do! And they love to share their books with me, and let me read them too!”

When do you find time to write?

“After my kids are in bed. Unfortunately, I really like sleep too! So, sometimes it’s hard to find the time…”

Richmond Rocks! The Spooky Sequel, RC Longan ES 2How old were you when you started writing?

“I was just about your age – nine years old – when I started writing. But don’t ask me how old I am now. Let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a few years now…”

When is your next book coming out? How about a Christmas book next time?

“Now that’s an interesting idea! Maybe I’ll think about doing that.”

How much do you get paid?

“Are you going to be an accountant when you grow up?”

Actually, I guess that last question was more bookkeeping-related than book-related…

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