A Rare Skeletal Condition and a Segway

603052_228471073985302_1791779617_nRichmond moms are always inspiring us with their creativity, persistence, and ability to overcome overwhelming situations. And now it’s happened again!

Young 14-yr-old Brandon (Brad) Farbstein has a rare skeletal condition that has resulted in ongoing orthopedic issues and surgeries. To overcome his mobility challenges, he dreams about one day owning a custom Segway. To help make this a reality, he and his mom Sylvia, are working together to raise funds to purchase the Segway. They are selling RVA magnets which will go toward the purchase of  a custom segway for Brad.

If you would like to purchase a magnet for just $7, or can make a $5 donation for Brad’s Segway, click here and order via his Facebook page.

This story was first reported on FaithinRichmond.com. We were more than happy to share this story to help Brad own his Segway to give him something to look forward to as he faces his physical challenges.

Click here to learn more and follow Brad’s journey.


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