Never Miss a Call Again with Trellie

TrellieI’m going to admit it – I like to try new gadgets. I find it intriguing when there is something new that supposedly makes life easier or more fun, or well, just different.

That’s why I decided to try Trellie when it came out on the market.

For those of you who have never heard of Trellie, let me give you a little background. Trellie is now attached to my hip – well, not literally. It’s attached to my purse which is always with me when I’m out and about. It’s an ultra-slim device that comes in either platinum silver or brushed gold depending on your preference and it attaches to the handle of your purse.

Like me, you’re probably asking at this point, “Why do I need another device to lug around even if does only weigh an ounce or two?”  I was a skeptic about this weird device too – until I tried it.

And no, I don’t like infomercials so this is not intended to be one – it’s just meant to let you know about a new device that could keep you from missing important calls!

How it Works

Busy, hard-working moms and dads are always on the go. And there are always plenty of things to take care of – many of which require leaving a message for a call-back from the doctor, dentist, school principal, business owner, plumber, client, friend, spouse, or any number of people. Many of us also worry that we’ll miss a call  initiated by a child’s school, a parent’s caregiver, or some other urgent call that comes unexpectedly.

The problem for women primarily is that we carry our phones in our purse where they often can’t be heard, we don’t notice the vibration, or we’re scrambling to find them when we finally hear the ‘last ring’. And if you’re in a meeting or have an appointment when you must turn your phone off, it’s inevitable that’s when the call comes in!

Voila – the Trellie!

This cute little fashionable device is inconspicuous and if your phone rings, it will glow a soft blue color to let you know. With bluetooth technology, it silently yet effectively signals you that a call is coming in. You can quickly take the call, or Trellie will serve as a reminder for you to check your messages with a green LED light blinking periodically for about an hour. Just touch the tiny button on the side of the Trellie to stop the light from blinking.

The Proof

TrellieAgain, you may not yet be sold on its value. But here’s my experience with the Trellie:

  • I was recently in an important conference where phones had to be turned off and out of sight. I was waiting for a call from a doctor. When the soft blue light came on the Trellie, I quietly excused myself from the conference and took the call!
  • During a recent visit to my hair stylist, she was blow-drying my hair. The buzz around the salon and all of the hair dryers, blow brushes, and chatter made it impossible to hear much of anything – let alone my phone. But I noticed the Trellie light and reached for my phone to catch the call. Another time I was glad I had the device because it was a client who needed something urgently.
  • TrellieAlthough it was primarily developed for women, my husband said he thought it would be a good thing to have when he’s working outside with power equipment. If he’s expecting a call – or I happen to need him – he won’t hear the ring or feel the vibration of the phone, but he will see the Trellie light and can stop to answer the phone.

Imagine the other uses for the device:

  • A babysitter calling to let you know your child is sick.
  • Your child’s teacher calling to chat with you about your son’s progress (or lack thereof!).
  • Your mother calling just to say “hi”!
  • A friend calling to invite you to dinner (my favorite!)
  • Your husband calling to say he’ll be home late for dinner.
  • Your doctor calling with test results.

gold_trellie_largeThe neatest thing about Trellie is that it took me less than a minute to set it up and connect with my phone – literally! It was quick and easy and it works. I forget I even have it until I need it when I’m busy and see that blue glowing light – and then I can take important calls immediately, or just wait to return those that aren’t urgent.

Visit the website to learn more and try it for yourself. It’s just $49.95 for the device which runs on batteries that last for 2-3 months. You’ll never miss an important call again!