A Weekend Getaway at Great Wolf Lodge (a Love Story)

We arrived at Great Wolf Lodge on one of those cool, misty, generally unpleasant days that make you feel like you need to squint to see. We had a busy month and I already half-regretted packing another thing into our schedules when we walked into a large welcoming lobby, already bustling with activity at 3 in the afternoon.  Once inside, however, I felt the stress melting away immediately. Despite the cool weather outside and its grand size, the lobby felt warm, cozy and inviting.

Getting a new quest from a tree.

Getting a new quest from a tree

Since we had come see the new ShadowQuest game, we thought we’d start there before ultimately ending up at the famous indoor water park.  My boys picked their wands (and toppers) and we set off on our adventure: the Quest to Save the Light.

Part live action game, part scavenger hunt, the game was simple enough for my younger son, but complex enough for the older one.  The boys waived wands at treasure chests, crystals and woodland creatures which would react as if by magic. Though it was a busy weekend, it never felt crowded or chaotic as we moved through hallways and dashed up and down stairs to the next adventure.  I expected the enthusiasm to wear off quickly, but an hour later the boys were still engaged and a little disappointed when I told them it was time to take a break and hit the water park.

The trip was a surprise to the kids... here is the "wow" moment

The trip was a surprise to the kids… here is the “wow” moment

Sitting with my 8 month old in my lap at the edge of the wave pool, watching the boys play, I couldn’t really tell you if it was still cold and misting outside or not.  From where I was sitting, it was a perfect 82 degrees. We were able to play in the various pools and slides later than usual because our room was just upstairs; we didn’t need to worry about packing up and heading out or any of that nonsense.

  Though the restaurants were lovely, we picked up our pizza, two beers and two chocolate milks and dined sitting next to the warm gas fireplace in our room.  My 5 year old was done for the night, but at 8:30 my 7 year old wanted to complete another quest; he and my husband set off to play while I sat in my pajamas and soaked up the quiet evening.  That night, the boys slept soundly in their own little “cabin” having utterly exhausted themselves.

Warm fire, cold beer, sleepy children. All my favorite things.

Warm fire, cold beer, sleepy children. All my favorite things.

The next day was split up into trying experience all there is to do at Great Wolf Lodge into one day (it’s impossible) but because everything is located in one place, you’re left with a happy-tired feeling rather than the slightly overwhelmed feeling of a large spread out park. What continued to amaze me about Great Wolf Lodge is that though my two boys have such vastly different interests, both of them were able to find something (actually several somethings) they loved to do.
As we packed the kids into the car and headed home, my husband and I decided we had two regrets:

1.We should have stayed longer.
2. We should have gotten our own wands.


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Sarah Cole

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