10% off Iris Co. AND Product Demo!

I admit it.  Some “Holiday Shopping” is really just for me… Which is why you’ll find me at Ellwood Thompson’s  on Small Business Saturday where Katie from Iris Co. will be doing a demo of their absolutely yummy-smelling products (I’m already in love with all the products but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good demo, too).

irisIris Co. is Ellwood Thompson’s Vendor of the Month so you get 10% off all their products, which is perfect timing because I’m almost out of Midnight Oil Lotion (it smells so good!), and the room sprays are super great for when the car smells like wet dog (what? I have a very hairy dog) or yoga mat (shavasan- aaaahh).  And alright, alright, I am sure I can pick up some room sprays for my mom too, oh, and some Blooming Belly Oil for my pregnant friend, and of course the Heal Your Skin lotion for my mother in law who deserves a little pampering, some Skin Rehab Body Butter since it’s starting to get cold and…

um… needless to say I’ll see you at Ellwood Thompson’s on Saturday. List in hand.

Iris Co
Product Demo: Saturday, November 30th
At Ellwood Thompson’s
12pm – 3pm

All Iris Co. Products are 10% off at
E.T.’s  through November.