Simply Enjoy a Little Help for the Holidays

simply enjoy

One thing I love about this season is how often I get to see my family and friends.  Actually, after not having been able to get together with my friends in a long time, I now have at least 5 gatherings in the next 6 weeks, half of which I’ll either be hosting or helping to host… and that does not even count Christmas.  I’ve pinned thousands of great things to do but realistically, I’m not going to have time to them all with three kids, two jobs and everything else that comes with the holiday season.


Enter: the newly expanded MARTIN’S Simply Enjoy line.  Yup, straight from the grocery store around the corner.  It’s the deus ex machina of my holiday season.  I would love to make caramelized onion and gorgonzola tartlets from scratch, but let’s get real.redpepperjelly

I tested out a couple of goodies when I brought them to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving… there is always that awkward time several hours after an early Thanksgiving meal where nobody wants to even think about a meal but everyone is getting a little peckish, so I thought it would be the perfect solution to satisfy.

A little of the Simply Enjoy Red Pepper Jelly went perfectly on top of the brand’s water crackers which we snacked on with brie (also a part of the Simply Enjoy line) and wine.

simply enjoy dessert

I slid a few Raspberry Powdered Shortbread Cookies on to our dessert table to see how they would stand up among Thanksgiving favorites like pumpkin, apple, and pecan pie and was happy to see that it found it’s way onto plates and paired nicely with the Simply Enjoy Colombian Coffee.

So, will tasty treats from Simply Enjoy be at my next holiday party/ New Year’s Eve fete /baby shower? You betcha! (wouldn’t the Italian sodas look really cute with colorful paper straws?)  In fact you’ll be likely to find the coffee in my cup each morning and a few treats stashed away for myself for a “midnight” snack after my kids go to bed!

Good news! Some of the delicious treats I tasted are on sale at MARTIN’S.  So stock up on a few for next time a friend comes over for coffee, you need to indulge in a delicious treat, if you don’t want to show up to a party empty handed or if anytime you want to make things extra special.