December 30: Resolutions

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It’s that time of year again – time to think about New Year’s resolutions! What are yours and how do you plan to achieve them? Here are some tips and suggestions:
  • If your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier – don’t immediately force yourself into a strict diet; start taking everything in moderation and you’ll be more likely to succeed.
  • If your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more – find a partner. Accountability can go a long way in helping each other reach your goals.
  • Make time for exercise – a family walk can be a great way to spend time with your loved ones and get out and about.
  • Keeping up with your health care is a great New Year’s resolution. Stay up-to-date on preventative appointments and screenings.
Best of luck with your New Year’s resolutions!


Rhonda is the mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren – and our only grandmother on staff. She spent 25 years in corporate healthcare managing prenatal and disease management programs. She is the Content Manager for Richmondmom and contributes her expertise as both a mom and grandmother – while sorting out the many opportunities for our valuable advertisers.

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