Four for ’14

Although typically a card-carrying traditionalist, last year at this time I openly conveyed my contempt for the New Year’s practice of resolution-making.

If tween twin parenting has taught me anything in 2013, it’s the need for judicious flexibility.

So as a new year’s resolution neophyte, coming up with—and sticking to—fourteen goals for the new year sounds too daunting. Dipping a toe in, here are my four easily mantra-ed maternal mandates:

This year, I will…

Hangar my helicopter.
Protection is one thing; preventing mistakes that provide valuable life lessons is something else entirely. Resolving to stand by and hug as needed.

Document my darlings.
Baby books focus on the early milestones—doubt the achievements and worthwhile moments end at age twelve.

Encourage expression and learn to listen.
They may say a lot of things that are hard to hear, but they need to communicate openly…and to know that they’ll be heard.

The dust can gather. The sheets can go unchanged a little longer. We can watch another 30 minutes of Spongebob Squarepants. We can laugh longer at the dinner table; the dishes can wait. We can color a little longer and skate a little longer and play ping pong a little longer and stretch on the floor and pet the dog a little longer.  Next year, when we reflect on the year gone by, those are the times we’ll want to remember.

Lage Family