Fun and Learning at The Goddard School Summer Program


Just because summer is great time for fun doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent time for learning as well!

goddardPreKWith The Goddard Schools F.L.EX.℠ Learning Program, The Goddard School goes far beyond just summer camp and blends fun, adventure and learning together for an enriching summer experience your child will truly enjoy. Delight your child with our unique summer activities where play and educational opportunities abound! The Summer Program combines songs, stories, exploration, physical activities and learning adventures in a safe, nurturing environment.

Science and nature, arts and crafts, manners, computers and technology, literature and language, music and movement, sports and games, cooking and drama are all brought to life. The Goddard School ensures your children have a memorable summer all the while, preparing them for the upcoming school year.

Based on the academic research that states children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun, The Goddard School’s F.L.EX.℠ Learning Program is structured around the following pillars help to direct and guide each activity:

Developmental GuidelinesGoddard Preschool Boys - Outside (2)

To set the stage for individual achievement, trained teachers observe and assess your child’s developmental achievements.

Child-Focused Lesson Plans

Our professional teachers skillfully plan engaging learning activities that build upon what your child can do, encouraging exploration along the way.

Creative & Fun LEARNING Environment

Making learning fun is at the core of our program. Each day, your child selects activities and materials to explore and discover in an imaginative and creative way.

Child-Centered Teachable Moments

We intentionally guide and extend your child’s play to ensure key developmental milestones are achieved across several Learning Domains.

To find out more about The Goddard School’s Summer Program call 800-GODDARD or visit The Goddard Schools website.


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