Aleph Bet Preschool Open House

Join Aleph Bet Preschool for their Open House – Open Play

Sunday, March 2nd 3:30- 5:00pm

Aleph Bet

At Aleph Bet Preschool children ages 2-4 can discover a love of learning in a creative Jewish environment where your child’s individual style of learning is valued and nurtured.  Aleph Bet enocourages your child to explore the world, to learn to be part of a group, and to solve problems in a constructive manner. Learning is self-rewarding, joyous, and noncompetitive.

Your child will be offered a comprehensive secular curriculum, which includes reading readiness, concepts in numbers, science, and social studies. In addition, your child will be exposed to a rich and meaningful Jewish program consisting of Jewish holidays, traditions, and the Hebrew alphabet and language. All is taught through music, art, and creative play.

When you visit, you’ll see why parents love Aleph Bet:
“From my very first visit to the school, I felt that the teachers and staff feel that it is their privilege to teach and spend time with the kids. This kind of intimate and caring environment is great for making the transition from being at home to school. There are parents from every stream of Judaism, even secular families, and everyone feels welcomed. That’s important to me.” – Arnon Vered


Aleph Bet Open House / Open Play
Sunday, March 2nd 3:30- 5:00pm

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