It’s America Saves Week!


For many Americans, saving does not come easy.

Society constantly bombards us with messages to buy the latest or greatest, urges we can satisfy practically anytime and anywhere thanks to technology. But immediate gratification can interfere with our ability to realize long-term or higher-priced desires, such as a car, a home or higher education.

February 24 through March 1 is America Saves Week.

Why not take time this time to evaluate the progress you’ve made toward your college savings goal? If you are right on track, congratulations! If you aren’t, our friends at Virginia529 are ready to help you get on track with these great tips:

• Save it before you can spend it! Set up monthly withdrawals from your checking or saving account to make college savings automatic.

• Is there a small sacrifice you can make now to enjoy a bigger reward down the road? Check your budget for a little extra to contribute each month.

• Due a tax refund? Put all or some in your 529 account.

So head over to and get your college savings on track!
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