Craft Time: 12 Egg Carton Crafts

Egg Carton Crafts RichmondMom

The snow day staples: milk, bread and eggs.
We already addressed what to do with all that milk… so now, how can we keep the kids entertained with the eggs?
Well, to go along with that you’re going to need some snow day activities.
So, here are some crafty “sides” to go along with your staples.


Egg Carton Animal Noses
Baby Jungle

How cute are these?!  These super easy and fun egg carton noses are perfect for pretend play.
(Also, file this away for Halloween costumes.)

flower garland

Flower Garland
Say Yes

It might be a snowy day but we’re dreaming of spring flowers.
This cute little garland would be a cheerful way to decorate a kids room.


Go All Kandinsky on them

No tutorial here, but none needed.
Get creative and colorful with your own work of art.

snowflake garland

Egg Carton SnowflakesWhite House, Black Shutters

Easy yes, but kids will really love this one because you get to smash these babies flat!
Paint em, or leave them as is.


Egg Carton Paint PalletLearn~Play~Imagine

Alright, so the egg carton isn’t the actual craft… But I love how this clever mama used it as a paint pallet.
Create dot paintings with q-tips and when the painting is done, just toss the supplies away for easy clean up.

easter checkers

Bunnies vs. Chicks CheckersCreate-Celebrate-Explore

These checkers were made for Easter, but you can make any animal you can think of, spend some time making them and then MORE time playing with them.


Egg Carton Snake Puppet
Kid Spot

I definitely don’t mind having these kinds of snakes around.
Make egg carton snake puppets and use them to tell a story.


Dragon (or Dinosaur) Puppet
Life with Moore Babies

Snake puppet too easy? Or perhaps he needs a friend.
This puppet is a little more work but you definitely get “crafty parent” brag rights!

bird feeder egg carton

Egg Carton Bird Feeder
Ginger Snap Crafts

Ah, yes, spring… wouldn’t that be nice…


Spy Glasses
Crafts By Amanda

Make some crazy glasses out of pipe cleaners and egg cartons and take some pictures.


Egg Carton Owl

These little owls are made with a half dozen egg carton, use whatever you have on hand to decorate them.

egg carton sailboat

Egg Carton Sailboat
Life at the Zoo

Not sure they’ll float far, but these sailboats sure are cute!

As for us, we use egg cartons as building blocks.  They’re perfect for toddlers because they are soft and quiet. Maybe we’ll paint them this snow day so it looks like we’re buried in egg cartons on purpose.

What can you make with left over egg cartons?
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