Giveaway: Apps That Make Life Easier

This local family is making life a little easier thanks to a little creativity and a smart phone.

Binary Formations, a husband and wife team with over 35 years of combined experience in the software industry, create apps that start with a personal need of their own family.

Their newest app, Chore-inator helps and motivates kids to do chores around the house (yes, there’s an app for that).

ChoreMan128Chore-inator is an easy to use tool that gets kids engaged and motivated to help out around the house. By checking off chores, children earn stars that they can redeem for rewards. After completing a chore, your child will have the opportunity to take a ‘proof’ photo of their handiwork. Use the parent mode overview to see which chores have been completed (and those that haven’t) and approve reward claims and allowance payouts.

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Enter by March 20, 2014

With Chore-nator you can:

  • Schedule which days a chore takes place and how frequently it repeats.
  • Each chore can be assigned to one or more child.
  • Chores can be set to rotate among multiple children on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Set the number of stars earned for completing a given chore.
  • See which chores your children have completed and which ones they haven’t.
  • After completing a chore, your child can take a ‘proof’ photo to proudly show you their accomplishment.
  • Parents can view ‘proof’ photos in the Overview.
  • Parents can reset a chore to incomplete if not completed to their satisfaction.
  • Create rewards that can be redeemed for stars that are earned by completing chores.
  • You can choose which children can claim a given reward.
  • Rewards are optional and not required to use Chore-inator.
  • Each child may be given an optional weekly allowance.
  • Approve and deny allowance payments.
  • Approve and deny reward claims.
  • History view allows children to see how many chores they’ve completed, the rewards they’ve earned, their allowance payments, and other stats.
  • Add a password to keep your children out of parent mode.
  • Parents can also set a passcode for each child.

Binary Formations also has apps for

  • Home inventory
  • Weight loss
  • Colors and shapes
  • Looky – see behind you on your mac

You can find Binary Formation apps on the app store.