Kitestring: Peace of Mind by Text

Photo by Mo Riza

Photo by Mo Riza

Yes, I have before called friends just to talk to me while walking down dark Richmond streets.
Particularly in college. I’d always start out thinking that I was really cool and totally not afraid of anything, but then I’d get kinda creeped out and then a bit paranoid, and then I’m on the phone with my friend Sarah asking her to talk to me till I got to my apartment.

Kitestring is that sense of security (even when your friends are too busy to talk to you).    Check in via text message (no smartphone needed) and give an ETA.  Kitestring will then send you a message asking if you’re okay, If you don’t reply or check in before your ETA, Kitestring alerts a personalized list of emergency contacts that you set up ahead of time.

My immediate thought is that this is great for college students, while, of course, they can always call mom and talk till they get to their destination, (even at midnight) they probably won’t.  It’s not just about college students out at night though, Kitestring is great for latchkey kids, people who’s mode of transportation is usually foot or bike (especially how scary it can be biking in Richmond) those who get off work or out of school at night, or even going on a date with someone new.

Regardless of why you might need it, Kitestring serves as a nice peace of mind (and a virtual mom).

Check out the Kitestring site and pass this along.


Sarah Cole

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