The Best Sweatpants Or My Quest To Create The Most Comfortable Outfit In The World

While I’m still attempting to be stylish again, I’d rather wear slippers than heels so I’m constantly on the lookout for the greatest sweatpants and eventually THE MOST COMFORTABLE OUTFIT ON EARTH.

Greatest Slippers
My slippers are the best place to begin.

I already swear by the UGG Rylan Slipper all over the Internet mostly because they are not only a hug for my feet, they have soles so I can wear them everywhere even accidentally to a parent-teacher conference. While not cheap, I’ve had these slippers for so long and worn them so often that I’ve practically made money on them. I adore them except in the dead of summer when I’m forced to wear flip-flops even when comfortable and will continually replace mine with the exact same pair until I’m buried in them.

But sweatpants have not been so easily won. I thought I had found the greatest pair after I discovered these high-waisted beauties:


Fleece sweatpants
My dog is confused by my comfort.

I bought a second pair in pink when I became paranoid that C&C California would discontinue them. (And they did so I’m going to be playing the lottery next week.) I love these sweatpants and dread the day the frayed bottoms make it up to the top. However, once the weather hits 70 degrees, they’re too hot with the fleece lining. And I still need to take my comfort in spring and summer.

Of course, I had my summer sweatpants but they were just run of the mill — one pair of capri sweats to show off a foot of unshaven leg and one pair of thin, flared, no-pockets sweatpants that just made me long for colder weather when I could go back to the embrace of my fleece version. (By happenstance, the no-pockets, no-love sweats are actually pictured in the slipper photo. So sad.)

I thought all was lost and I’d just have to wear leggings forever until I found a pair of Old Navy sweatpants for a fraction of the price of my fleece ones and without their lining issues. These are billed as “skinny sweatpants,” which made me hesitate to buy them because what the heck is the worst version of jeans doing in fabulous sweats? But I went for it because the reviews would not stop raving in all the right places about these amazing pants.

Sorry for the photo quality. My iPhone must’ve been too relaxed in the face of these sweatpants, but I included a link above to Old Navy.

Oh my gawd, I thank my lucky stars I listened. They are fantastic. The first time I put them on, I didn’t take them off for days and was sad to spend a few hours away while they washed and dried. I’m considering purchasing them in all the colors because that covers my week. In fact, this post was inspired by the kind gift those reviewers gave me by inspiring this purchase with their words. I’m giving back.

And now that I’m relaxed from the waist down, I only need a soft, breathable, loose-but-not-too-loose shirt to win the day. At this point, I swear by any thick cotton T-shirt over four years old to top off my outfit of repose, but I’m open to suggestions.