An Outing to Lavender Fields Herb Farm

LavenderLavender is my favorite plant; I greatly appreciate how pretty it looks whether fresh or dried, and of course it’s fragrance. And visiting the Lavender Fields Herb Farm in Glen Allen, VA is one of our annual family traditions. This locally owned farm overlooks the Chickahominy River and is touted as Virginia’s largest grower of USDA certified organic herbs and vegetables.

Lavender Fields Herb Farm also offers classes for a nominal fee on everything from container gardening to establishing good gardening habits. The gift shop sells herb blends, raw honey, and lavender. They even have homemade lavender ice cream! (Tip: try the lavender ice cream for grown-ups and for your pint-sized visitors, consider the combination of lavender and honey ice cream or honey ice cream for a milder palate).

Honey Ice Cream Eaters!
My boys recommend the honey ice cream!

Check out the calendar for upcoming events at the Lavender Fields Herb Farm, including their largest event of the year, the Spring Herb Faire on May 2-3 and May 9-10, with free farm tours and classes, greenhouse tours and more. Children’s activities include herbal taste testing, making a lavender sachet, face painting and a planting activity. Click here for additional information about Lavender Fields Farm.

Bringing home some herbs to plant in your garden? Please check out my article on Tips for Healthy Gardening.

Overlooking the Chickahominy
Overlooking the Chickahominy River