DIY: Cheap and Easy Stamps (Perfect for Little Hands)

Confession: I made these for myself. But when choosing the spool, I realized they are perfect for toddlers who are still working on their fine motor skills.

DIY Stamps 1
– Foam sheet (about 50 cents per sheet)
– Wooden spool (or re-purpose old building blocks!)
– Glue (I had Mod Podge but I think Elmers would work)

DIY Stamps 2

Cut your shape out of foam and glue the shape onto the spool.
Do letters, numbers, basic shapes or if you’re good with scissors, cut out something a little more detailed.

DIY stamps 3

If you have a thinner piece of foam, you may want to double up for extra cushion.


Let them dry and you’re ready to go…


Inked up, these stamps will slide a little more than their rubber counter parts, but it’s nice to have something you can make yourself (I was looking for a specific shape I couldn’t find at the store).
I doubled up so I had a stamp on each side of the spool.
If you have blocks at home, this project will only cost you 50 cents but the spools were only a dollar so even if you need to buy one it ends up being a very quick, very easy, very cheap DIY.

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