The Going Rates for Babysitters in RVA

With the summer upon us, parents everywhere are asking: What are the going rates for babysitters?

Based on my years of research, rates vary based on experience, number of children, date, and where you live.

Babysitting Rates

Bye-bye money. Hello date with husband.

In general, a babysitter with some experience (older teen/early twenties) watching one child on a non-holiday is $10 per hour in Richmond, Virginia.

The amount per hour will increase with the experience of the sitter. Most parents will be pay a babysitter closer to $15 per hour if the sitter is a familiar teacher or have nannied for years.

If the babysitter is more like a mother’s helper, who plays with the kids while you get work done around the house, or a younger teen, who is just watching a movie with the kids while you run to the store, you will pay $6-$8 per hour.

However, if you’re using any babysitter daily or weekly, the rate will be more negotiable as it becomes a more consist income for the sitter.

Most families and babysitters increase their base hourly rate by $2 for each sibling.

If it’s a holiday like Independence Day, the rates are often higher mostly because you have to persuade someone to not go out so you can.

If the babysitter is staying overnight, most parents will either set a single rate for the entire time or for the hours the children are sleeping and pay an hourly rate otherwise. For example, if your kids usually sleep 7pm-7am, you pay $100 for the time asleep plus your hourly rate for when they’re awake.

The rates go (way!) up as you get closer to Washington D.C. and probably go down as you move out to the country (because everything is cheaper in the country, right?).

Of course, babysitting isn’t affordable every time parents need help (or ever) so finding another family, who can trade afternoons with you, or having family members, who will help, is another great option.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what to offer a babysitter. Obviously, you have to do and pay what feels right as a parent. Good luck and enjoy some kid-free time!

Alex Iwashyna

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