Will Kate Hall Stumble and Fall?

MG_4890-249x300As moms, we all know how difficult it must be to experience the premature birth of a baby. The anxiety is overwhelming as tiny babies struggle to breathe and thrive. Premature babies are most often born due to idiopathic labor – or ‘labor with no known cause’.

Stefanie and Karl Smith, who founded The Jack & Abby Neonatal Foundation, know all too well how things can go terribly wrong – they lost their beautiful twins due to premature birth.

The local March of Dimes is preparing for a fundraiser which will be a fun night of high heels and laughter, as they raise money to celebrate healthier babies — and help find ways to prevent premature birth. As parents, being a part of this important fundraiser is a privilege.

We can all help by donating to this worthy cause.

Crystal High Heel Award

The event in Richmond is scheduled for October 2, 2014. Ladies are competing as high heel models for the 2014 March of Dimes Crystal High Heel Award.

On October 2nd the women will walk the runway in one of two looks:

  • “Little Black Dress”
  • “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

At the end of the night, the model who has raised the most money for the March of Dimes mission of stronger, healthier babies will be named the Crystal High Heel winner. This is a great way to help raise money for healthier babies and support an important cause.

Walk High Kate!

Richmond’s own Kate Hall, founder and previous owner of Richmondmom.com, is a model in this event. We are so excited to support her in this endeavor. Who better to show us all how to walk in high heels? Even though we know Kate is steady on her feet, we have to wonder if she might stumble and fall! But we’re sure she’ll be practicing in those heels plenty before the big event.

When asked why she was participating, Kate responded,

“I have several friends who have had preemies and benefited from the March of Dimes, so I’ve seen the help they provide first-hand. In fact, I met a few of these friends through a March of Dimes walk we had early-on in Richmondmom.com’s growth! Some of those families have lost their babies–which to most of us is unimaginable–and this is in memory of all of those sweet ones gone too soon, and to help save as many lives as possible.”

If you’d like to donate to this worthy cause for healthier babies, click here to support Kate Hall or any model of your choice. Mark your calendars for October 2 for a fun night and help babies too.