DIY Volunteering of the Month – July 2014

Each month we’re bringing you a new activity that you can do any time any place and is great for getting little kids involved in their community.

Here’s how it works:

1. Check out the cause and supply list below.  If it looks like something you’d like to do, let them know here and the lovely folks at HandsOn will send you instructions on how to do that month’s DIY project.

2. Volunteer at home with your kids, during nap time, or get a group together and volunteer as a team (learn how to create and manage a team right here).

3. Drop it off and feel good about making Richmond a little brighter while doing something really fun.

This month’s DIY: Decorate Bags and Boxes for Hilliard House

handson hilliard july 2Mission:
Create at least 5 bags and 2 boxes. There is no maximum. Expect the total project to be done in about 3 hours depending on the number of items made and the number of people you have volunteering with you.

Supply List*:
• 5 paper grocery bags
• 2 empty copy paper, banker, or like-sized boxes (16.5 x 8.5 x 12.5 inches)
• Scissors
• Wallpaper, contact paper, wrapping paper, construction paper, scrapbook paper, decorative tape, markers, stamps, glitter, stickers, paint, etc.
• Adhesives- Glue, mod podge

*DIY Volunteers are responsible for purchasing any of the materials needed for DIY volunteer opportunities.


About the Hilliard House:

DIY for RVAHilliard House assists homeless women and their children to build their capacity to live productively within the community. Hilliard House not only provides immediate, on-site shelter and services, but also works to places families into permanent housing in the community as quickly as possible, thus shortening stays in shelter or, in many cases, eliminating shelter stays altogether. Research shows that this “rapid rehousing” approach is a more effective way to address homelessness and based on the principle that when people are in stable housing, other parts of their lives also stabilize. Most clients are provided basic supplies and goods to help them transition into their new lives. DIY volunteers will be decorating bags and boxes to transport these items and provide some much needed cheer and encouragement.