Your Future Scientist Won’t Have To Wait to Start Changing the World

Longwood science buildingJPGMaybe you dream of your child becoming a scientist who will one day make a difference in the world.

Here in the heart of Virginia, science and technology students at Longwood University don’t have to wait for graduation to make an impact. Across varied subjects and disciplines at this public university of about 5,000, students are participating in cutting-edge research.

Longwood’s Perspectives on Research in Science and Mathematics (PRISM), an eight-week summer research program that pairs students and faculty in an intensive partnership and provides students with a stipend, room and board. In one project, biology students have been involved in examining immunotherapy that shows promise in cancer treatment.

“I have learned a lot about immunology and genetic mutation, all of which apply to my classes,” said Emily Whitman, a biology major from Fairfax. This spring she is presenting data at the American Association for Cancer Research conference in San Diego.

Garrett Josemans, a physics and mathematics major from Fredericksburg, designed and tested a prototype airfoil that could become a novel method of harnessing wind power.

“I felt like I belonged in the lab environment,” said Savannah Barnett, a chemistry and biology major from Chesapeake researching an alternative way to test gunpowder residue.

And every May, students and faculty go on an academic pilgrimage to Yellowstone National Park to examine real-world issues including land and water conservation, wildlife management and business.

Curious, scientific minds are finding bright futures at Longwood University. Remember that when researching colleges with your future science major.


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