Richmond Rocks! Goddard School Henrico

Goddard School Henrico 013Former CEO of, blogger and children’s author Kate Hall continues to entertain school kids of all different ages, from pre-school through elementary school, with author visits for Richmond Rocks! and The Spooky Sequel!

She had an amazing time reading to the enthusiastic tikes at Goddard School Henrico. They had enjoyed having her so much last year that asked her back again for a repeat performance, and she was more than happy to!

The kids learned a lot about their local history, and learned new things about some of the places they had visited in our city. For instance, they couldn’t believe that there used to be live alligators in the fountain at the Jefferson Hotel!

I think they learned a little bit about literary history too. One little guy learned that Edgar Allen Poe was not in fact George Washington…Goddard School Henrico 007

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A professional “trailing spouse” and mother of two, Suzanne has lived in several different countries. Her fifth corporate relocation (yes count ‘em, five!) brought her family to Richmond VA in the summer of 2011, and she is really excited about exploring all of the possibilities that Richmond has to offer! Also, she in not moving again. Really. She means it!

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