Easy, Healthy Chicken Tacos & Taco Salad That Keeps Everyone Happy.

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I have to admit I get bored of salads quickly.  It’s not that I don’t like them, I just never think to make them and when I do they are always the same.
But I’m pregnant again (surprise) and now that I’m not sick, I’m trying to be a little better about eating well and getting more greens and avoid  empty calories, like refined flour,  in my diet (just like the rest of the world in January).

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Last night we made chicken tacos and figured it was a great opportunity to toss a salad together.  It was way more delicious than I expected it to be as well as being really filling making it a perfect dinner salad.  As an added bonus, my family was happy with tacos and I got a healthy meal.


Ingredients (feeds about 4):

– 3 chicken breasts
– 1 bottle of chile lime marinade
– Romaine lettuce
– 2 avocados cut onto halves and sliced
– 1 lime
– Canned or fresh corn
– Salsa
– Sour cream
– Cilantro (to taste)
– Cheese
-Taco sized flour tortillas for those who want to go traditional.
(Would also be good with black beans and fresh tomatoes)

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In the morning, toss your chicken breasts and your bottle of marinade in the crock pot on low for about 6 hours thawed 8 frozen.
(I started mine at 2pm on high with thawed chicken and it was done by 5).  When you’re chicken is done, use two forks to shred the meat (I do this right in the crockpot) and let it sit and keep warm while you get your bowls or tacos ready.

For tacos, warm your tortilla on on ungreased pan for about 10-15 seconds on each side.  Fill with Chicken at the bottom, cheese and top with your favorite toppings.

For salad, chop up your lettuce and a handful of cilantro, mix them both together in the bottom of the bowl with a little bit of lime juice. Add the rest of the ingredients (half 1 avocado) on top adding warm chicken last.  Squirt with a little bit more lime juice and enjoy!!

The juices from the chicken, the lime and the salsa are enough that you don’t need any dressing at all and to be honest, I probably could have left the cheese out entirely, the warm marinated chicken added so much flavor to the salad.

I calculated my salad to be just under 400 calories with My Fitness Pal recipe calculator, but since it’s a loose recipe that can be adjusted to taste you can calculate the calories for your salad here.

Chicken taco salad finished



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