Congratulations to the Top Speller in the County from Bridge Middle School!

Spelling Champ Christina Longmire.
Instructional Specialist for Secondary Language Arts Wayne Motley congratulates spelling bee champ Christina Longmire.

This year’s top speller in Chesterfield County Public Schools is Christina Longmire, an eighth-grader at Bailey Bridge Middle. She won the countywide spelling bee on Jan. 29. The spelling bee runner-up is Russell Graviet, an eighth-grader at Midlothian Middle.

The spelling bee lasted 20 rounds, with only Christina and Russell left standing when round 13 began. Russell and Christina correctly spelled mikado, prerogative, forsythia, détente, hypocrisy, egregious, basmati, archipelago, ocelot, soliloquy, philately and trattoria. In the 19th round, Russell misspelled blitzkrieg and Christina correctly spelled fusillade. Christina then spelled gopak in the 20th round to win. She will represent Chesterfield County Public Schools in the regional spelling bee on March 13.

Spelling bee competitors wait for first word to be called.
Spelling bee competitors wait for first word to be called.

In addition to Christina and Russell, these 14 students represented their schools in the Chesterfield County Public Schools spelling bee:

Crenshaw Elementary third-grader Jariah Arthur (this year’s youngest speller, who correctly spelled mohair, brethren, indulgent, benison, pantomime and slalom before missing pusillanimous in round 7)

Gates Elementary fourth-grader Sean Meacham

Reams Road Elementary fifth-grader Myasia Brooks

Spring Run Elementary fifth-grader Jaya Powell (the elementary student to make it the farthest in this year’s bee; she misspelled magnanimous in round 10)

Academy 360 eighth-grader Jazmine Christian

Carver Middle seventh-grader Ryan Porter

Elizabeth Davis Middle eighth-grader Tessa Adams

Falling Creek Middle seventh-grader Asina Ingram

Manchester Middle sixth-grader Tristan Weigand

Providence Middle sixth-grader Mary Hall

Robious Middle sixth-grader Grace Walsh

Salem Church Middle eighth-grader Savanna Makins

Swift Creek Middle eighth-grader Tanner Hatchett

Tomahawk Creek Middle seventh-grader Porter Olsson