Sylvan Robotics Classes: a Fun Way to Explore STEM Concepts

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When we think of Sylvan we normally think of homework help and tutoring, but Sylvan Learning Centers will soon be synonymous with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Sylvan is launching a Robotics for Kids enrichment program for grades 2 -6.  Robotics for Kids will use hands-on projects to make new friends and develop STEM skills. In small classes (6:1 student teacher ratio) kids will learn how they can build and program robots using LEGO® bricks and award winning WeDo™ software in a fun-filled learning environment.

These small classes allow teachers to adjust to your child’s ability so there’s no need for prior experience; they can jump in at any age or level.

Robotics 101 & 102 are made up of six hour long sessions designed for grades 2-4. Students will build a new robot each session; these courses provide an introduction to building robots and basic computer programming. 4 supplemental lessons are also available.

RoboThis is a title slide (not a divider slide)tics 201 & 202  have been developed for grades 4-6 and have six longer 90 minute sessions to allow kids to build more complex models.  Students will engage in problem solving activities and can create their own designs with the skills they’ve learned. As with the 100-level courses, four supplemental lessons are available.

If you always get “Nothing,” after you ask what your kids did at school today, you’ll love how Sylvan keeps parent communication open.  Each child will complete “Take Home Worksheets” after each session to help guide your conversation with your kids about what they did in class, while at the same time reinforcing the STEM concepts.  You’ll also receive an email communication after the lesson with pictures, highlights and a preview of what’s coming next.

Check out this awesome video below showing off the award winning WeDo™ software to build a robot alligator!

Ready to enroll? Call 804-744-8002 or email the center at


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